Promoting physical activity through selected play equipment for Schools

Sonoma Country Day School Playground

It is no secret that exercise is important for the physical, mental and social development of children with numerous studies demonstrating the positive correlations between exercise and various mental abilities such as the intelligence quotient, concentration capacity and linguistic and mathematical skills.

By offering basic forms of exercise during break times like balancing, climbing, jumping and bouncing, we provide an important balance to cognitive learning in the classroom that is also conducive to the children’s development.

In order to be able to successfully solve an equilibrium task, skills such as perception, planning, risk assessment, decision making and reacting alternately in quick succession are required. These skills and the
discovery of such insights can be promoted by an attractive balancing and handrail offer in the school playground, e.g. slacklines, nets, hand ladders and jungle or rubber bridges.

Climbing is a basic need in a child‘s development with climbing in a three-dimensional space particularly beneficial. On a physical level, climbing trains the sense of balance and body awareness. On a neurological level,
movement in a three-dimensional space stimulates inter-connecting patterns in the brain, namely those that stimulate the imagination, which in turn are needed in three-dimensional computing.

As well as the muscle power necessary for a jump, a safe landing requires and promotes coordination and balance. Particularly when jumping down, the climber has to once more independently assess the risk. Corresponding flexible or bouncy play equipment offers a particularly exciting challenge in this regard.

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PlayRope delivers playgrounds that promote exercise, foster positive behaviour and assist in cognitive and social development. Using our extensive experience, PlayRope can transform a school’s vision into reality by providing playground equipment and design that promotes physical movement, social integration, independent play and discovery, as well as more challenging equipment to prompt the cognitive aspects of child’s play.

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