Triitopia and DNA Towers reach new heights


Berliner have recently released a new variant of Triitopia, in which Triis, their tried-and-tested tree houses from the prize-winning Greenville range, can now be combined in a whole new way.

Behind the seemingly random construction, lies a highly modular system that allows every Triitopia structure to be custom designed in shape and size to a maximal extent. To do so, playground designers can choose from a wide range of different net elements, panel types and slide options, and let your custom adventure world become a reality. It goes without saying that Triitopia can be combined with nearly all other Berliner play equipment.

Triitopia creates a magical world of climbing and adventure. The diverse net pieces invite kids to climb and lead to numerous corners, angles and up to viewing areas and slides on different levels. View the Triitopia range

DNA Towers 

Berliner have also pushed the boundaries with spatial netting – Put your vertigo to the test with DNA Towers reaching new heights.

Now available in three different sizes, the DNA Towers range consists of graceful towers containing three-dimensional climbing nets stretched inside external steel skeletons. A careful combination of curved and straight metal tubing results in a spiral resembling the structure of DNA. This impression is further enhanced by carefully chosen colour schemes, as well as the use of differing thicknesses of tubing. The illusion created is of the towers rising out of the ground and spiralling up into the sky.

The DNA Tower XL.04 raises the twirling towers of the DNA family to unparalleled heights. With a diameter of 4m and a height of 9.5m, a sensational play space of 81.3m3 is created, offering children even more room for climbing fun within a three-dimensional net environment. View the DNA Towers range

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