From a hospital musical garden in the UK to a community splashpad in New York – here are some inspiring playgrounds from around the world


Here are some inspiring projects our partners have been working on around the world.

Sonoma Country Day School by Berliner

Located in northern Santa Rosa, California, Sonoma Country Day School wanted a playground design that was different, challenging and truly reflected the school’s mission ‘bringing learning to life’. Berliner’s design team created a playground that incorporated a range of play activities, degrees of challenge and an all-inclusive solution that maximised  the play space on a minimal ground area. Important elements for the design included incorporating an existing hill and elevation into the plan, using natural elements, choosing the right colours and compliments the environment. Featured products included: 3-story Triple Boo, Joe Brown Globe and 2-story Double Boo with spatial net connected to a Trii.

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Aldeburgh Hospital Sensory Garden
Aldeburgh Hospital Sensory Garden by Percussion Play

The aim of the sensory garden project was to build a garden dedicated to promoting the rehabilitation, recuperation and both physical and mental well-being of hospital patients, day centre users, clinic users and general community.  Featuring a Duo Cupla XylophoneLarge Babel DrumTubular BellsCherub and a pair of medium Conga drums the garden brings a “powerful sense of peace and tranquility”.

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Jimmy Johns Field Playground by Playworld
Jimmy John’s Field by Playworld

A nature inspired playground featuring the innovative new Playworld creation, Branch Out designed to fit into a relatively tight space with capacity to handle lots of play traffic. Aimed at ages 5-12, there is a tree-like central component that serves as a focal point and hub of activity. With a multitude of entry points, play paths and activities delivering high-value physical, intellectual and social play.

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Nyack Memorial Splashpad by Vortex
Nyack Memorial Splashpad, New York by Vortex

Designed to emulate the lines and shapes of the bridge that serves as a backdrop to the park resulting in a visually striking, streamlined design. Care was taken in the update of the play surface to ensure years of safe, efficient, and durable operation with easy maintenance.

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