New musical garden putting smiles on faces at Mount Pritchard Public School


The first in the area, the musical garden at Mount Pritchard Public School has been a success amongst kids and teachers.

Featured in the Fairfield Champion, Principal Natalie Piccinin states “Studies have shown their is a correlation between music, mathematics and learning,”

“The musical garden gives students another outlet to be creative and they are creating some wonderful music which is nice to hear….They are not only collaborating with each other musically, but they are learning to share the space with each other and they enjoy taking care of the equipment.”

Mount Pritchard are also using their new musical garden to add another element to their school’s readiness program with pre-schoolers.

Supplied and installed by PlayRope – the garden features the Percussion Play Hexad Ensemble which includes the Babel drumsBell LyreHarmonyTubular Bells and Handpipes and in addition the Tembos.

Percussion Play create exciting, outdoor musical instruments for all ages to explore. Whether you are looking for an addition to a school playground, sensory garden, local park or large community area, Percussion Play’s instruments effortlessly bring music to your open space. Made from tough materials for lasting durability, their robust instruments are designed for challenging outdoor environments.

The introduction of an outdoor musical garden or outdoor ‘soundscape’ will excite and inspire children musically while enjoying the obvious benefits that come from spending time in the natural environment, exploring new sounds whilst enjoying the fresh air and sunshine (well, fresh air at least!) An outdoor musical playground will provide young children with opportunities for early interaction and positive experiences with music. A facility where children can explore, create and develop their own musical ideas and sounds.

For more information on outdoor musical gardens, please contact PlayRope.

Image credit: Ruby McCullogh and Anna Lok in the musical garden at Mt Pritchard Public School. Picture: Simon Bennett